Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarn

Holiday stripes dish cloth in the making.

I have recently started to knit and have just been doing simple knitting projects such as scarves, and squares for baby blankets.  Another simple and easy project that works great with the cotton yarn from Lily Sugar n’ Cream line is dish clothes. I know you are probably thinking like a lot of my relatives that yarn is not meant to be used for washing dishes with, so not true.  Not only is this yarn soft, but there are patterns for this yarn.  I am in the process of making dish clothes for family Christmas presents.  I have bought several different colors but I am currently knitting with the holiday stripes and I am impressed at the high quality this yarn is.

As you can see from the picture above, I am about 3/4 of the way finished with my first Christmas present.  I have only used about half of the skein so it doesn’t take a big skein to do this project, and it is quick, since I just started last night.

Hope you get the idea that you can do this simple craft, and best of all the yarn has the pattern on the back of the yarn wrapper.


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